Kaz Cooke is the #1 advisor for Australian women and girls. She's an author, a cartoonist, and a mum who's also a journalist, radio broadcaster and public speaker (because it's hard to do only one thing at a time, don't you think?). Kaz's bestselling books include Women's Stuff, the grown-up version of Girl Stuff; Up the Duff, a guide to pregnancy (also available as an app); Kidwrangling, about looking after babies, toddlers and preschoolers, and The Terrible Underpants, a kids' picture book about you can imagine what. Kaz enjoys toast and finding her phone.

If you'd like to contact Kaz Cooke about one of her books, please write to Penguin Books at publicity@au.penguingroup.com

If you'd like to request Kaz for a public speaking engagement or school visit, or you have another professional enquiry, please contact Token Artists on+61(0) 3 9417 4700 or management@token.com.au


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